Must-Know Tips for Visiting Pena Palace

The city of Sintra itself isn’t enormous, but there are so many “must-sees” that planning a trip can be challenging. 

Even with the best itinerary, you won’t be able to see everything in one day, no matter how much you plan. 

The decision of what to devote your time to and how much time to each can be challenging.

So, knowing a few tips before visiting Pena Palace would indeed enhance your entire experience.

This article will tell you all the must-know tips for visiting Pena Palace.  

1. Purchase your Tickets in Advance:

1. Purchase your Tickets in Advance
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There are several ways to see Pena Palace. You can choose a self-guided visit or book a guided tour.

Not only do you get a 5% discount on the entrance fee, but you’ll also get your choice of time slots (every 30 minutes). 

You can also buy an additional ticket for a bus to take you to the top and back down. 

We recommend arriving at least an hour before your time slot because if you miss your time slot, you won’t be refunded!

Buy skip-the-line tickets to Pena Palace and escape the long line altogether.

2. Arrive Either Early Morning or Late Afternoon

2. Arrive Either Early Morning or Late Afternoon
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Avoid visiting the palace in the middle of the day.

The Pena Palace visiting hours are from 9.30 am to 6.30 pm, while the park timings are daily from 9 am to 6 pm.

If you plan to visit the attraction in the morning, we suggest arriving at 9 am to skip the crowds. 

Stand outside the gates at exactly its opening hour and visit Pena Palace before most people get to Sintra. 

But if you cannot manage early in the morning, visit the palace late in the afternoon after 4 pm. 

3. Double-Check your Timeslot

One necessary thing to know is that your visit to Pena Palace depends on the time slot you are allotted.

Once you have reached the palace, you must find the line for your time slot. 

This can be messy, as there are so many different timeslot lines. 

But this is where the ”double check your ticket” tip comes in handy.

4. Visiting the Gardens is a Must

4. Visiting the Gardens is a Must
Image: Penapalace-tickets.com

Pena Park is one of the most popular and essential parts of Portagual’s star attractions.

Without its 500-acre gardens, visiting Pena Palace is incomplete. 

Filled with exotic plants from all around the world, along with native Portuguese flora, Pena Park is a land of nature’s magic. 

It is also important to note that Pena Park’s visiting hours are from 9 am to 7 pm.

5. Pena Palace Dress Code

5. Pena Palace Dress Code
Image: GetYourGuide.com

Pena Palace does not have a dress code.

However, as you need to walk around a lot, we recommend wearing comfortable clothes for the visit. 

But as you will be taking many photographs with a fantastic background, we suggest dressing comfortably but in style. 

Also, remember that it is a bit cooler than Lisbon, so carry a jacket during your visit.

Some other things you can keep in mind while packing for Pena Palace are:

  • Comfortable shoes for walking
  • Carry a water bottle for hydration
  • Pack a lunch
  • Carry a portable phone charger so you don’t run out of battery

6. Beware of the Weather Before Visiting Pena Palace

The summers in Sintra can be exhaustingly hot, so carry sunscreen and a hat.

It is also essential to check the weather conditions in Sintra before you visit the palace, given its mountainous climate.  

Carry a jumper or a rain jacket while visiting Pena Palace as a precautionary measure.

7. Tips for Clicking Pictures

7. Tips for Clicking Pictures
Image: Misstourist.com

You are not allowed to click pictures in the stateroom of the Palace. 

However, you can take as many photos as possible on the terraces. 

Also, take advantage of the picture spot at Pena Palace, the Courtyard of Arches.

8. Explore More by Taking a Guided Tour

8. Explore More by Taking a Guided Tour
Image: GetYourGuide.com

There are so many places to visit near Pena Palace that it is worth a visit; take the Sintra city itself.

Many often combine their tour with Sintra, Lisbon, or Quinta de Regeleria. 

The best way to do so will be to bring in a guide to visit Pena Palace that helps you navigate and tells all the exciting stories about its history.

An Inside Guide to Visit Pena Palace

Here’s a list of some insider local tips you will find nowhere else!

  • The palace is most crowded between 10 am and 3 pm, so, as mentioned, visit Pena Palace before or after the interval.
  • Get a map in your preferred language to ensure you know Pena Park.
  • Knowing that the gardens may be closed if the temperatures rise very high due to the fear of forest fires is essential.
  • If the park is closed, you can get a much cheaper Pena Palace entry ticket.
  • Finding restaurants near the attraction can be difficult, but if you want to know about all the eateries near Pena Palace, you can check out our article.
  • It is essential to understand that the Palace is at the top, so you will need a bus or a tuk-tuk to get on the hill if you are comfortable hiking.
  • But these tuk-tuk drivers often prefer to tour around Sintra, so the ride may take longer (though it will be a lot of fun).
  • Start your trip at the top of the hill and slowly work your way down.


How much time do you need at Pena Palace?

You will need at least two and a half hours to explore the majestic Palace.

Visiting Pena Palace could take much longer than that, as, along with its interiors, you will also need to see its 500-acre gardens.

Here’s a breakdown of the visit, which will be as follows:

– Walking to the entrance- 30 minutes
– Terraces- 30 minutes
– Staterooms and interiors- 40 minutes
– Gardens- 40 to 50 minutes

Is it worth seeing the inside of Pena Palace?

Yes, absolutely, yes, visiting Pena Palace’s interiors is worth it.

The views of Pena Palace are breathtaking from the outside, but its insides are a completely different wonder.

Filled with a lavish setting and royal interiors, Pena Palace from the inside is a tremendous royal experience for its visitors.

How do you explore Pena Palace?

You can explore Pena Palace by walking around the castle, grasping and admiring its beauty.

On the other hand, you can reach the Portugal star attraction by bus, train, or car, as the Palace is only 4 km away from the Sintra National Palace.

You can also opt for the Praia das Maçãs tram, which will take you directly to Moorsish Castle and Pena Palace.

What do you see when you visit the Pena Palace?

You can see sites like the Manueline Cloister, the Royal Dining Room and Pantry, the Queen’s Office, and the Chambers of King Carlos.

Visiting Pena Place is also incomplete without a tour of its stunning and luscious gardens, which is likely its primary attraction.

Also, its unusually built architecture and vibrant colors are eye-catching and hard to resist.

What to prepare while visiting the Pena Palace?

For basics, the weather is very hot. So, one must wear light clothes and carry your cameras and water bottles ( remember- do not litter ).

How long does it take to visit Pena Palace?

The Palace tour lasts at least 2.5 hours and maybe much more.

This entirely depends on how many sites you want to visit at Pena Palace.
If you visit only its interiors, you may complete your trip in just one hour.

While if you choose to visit Pena Palace exteriors, you will complete your trip in 40 to 50 minutes.

What are the Pena Palace visiting hours?

The Palace is open daily from 9.30 am to 6 pm, even on weekends.

However, the park and the palace timings differ, so check the timings before planning your trip.

The park timings range from 9 am to 7 pm, with the last admission at 6 pm.

Where can I get a Pena Palace guide?

You can get a guide when you buy a Guided tour to Pena Palace.

The best option is to avail palace guide with the palace tickets you buy online.

A guide is an excellent way to tour the Palace as they help you navigate and learn more exciting facts about the attraction.

What to prepare while visiting the Pena Palace?

For basics, the weather is scorching. So, one must wear light clothes and carry your cameras and water bottles ( remember- do not litter ).

Also, wear comfortable shoes as you have to walk around a lot during your visit to Pena Palace.

Carrying a water bottle and a light snack will help you keep your energy for the exploration.

How is the experience in Pena Palace dining?

The palace dining will leave you romanticizing with its classic serving style and incredible taste mushed with the beauty of the Palace and around.

This is a must-experience for every visitor who wants to relax and wishes to enjoy grand meals.

Can we carry water bottles in the Pena Palace?

Some walking will be involved (if you choose to see the Palace and Park), so bringing comfortable shoes and water is a good idea.

Also, you can carry some snacks to enjoy a small picnic with your family and friends in the corner of Pena Park.

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