Pena Palace and Park Entrance Ticket

The Pena Palace is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Portugal. 

It is a stunning example of 19th-century Romanticism, perched on a hilltop overlooking the town of Sintra. 

But with its popularity comes long lines and crowds. So, how can you avoid the hassle and get the most out of your visit?

The Pena Palace entry ticket is the most basic and popular way to enter the Portugal attraction.

With the help of this skip-the-line Park and Pena Palace ticket, you get access to the 500-acre park along with the palace.

These tickets cost $17 for visitors over the age of 6, while infants under 5 get free admission inside the Pena Palace.

You will need to show your e-ticket at the Porta Férrea entrance.

Pena Palace entrance ticket includes:

  • Entrance to Pena Palace
  • Pena Park access
  • Entry to the Chalet of the Countess of Edla

Ticket Prices

Adults (6+ years)€14
Infants (up to 5 years)Free Entry

Instant confirmation

Skip The Line

Reschedule and cancellation policy

You will get a full refund if you cancel before 23:59 the day before your visit. 

During checkout, you can select a refundable ticket. 

Rescheduling is not possible for this ticket.

Highlights of Pena Palace and Park

  • A luxuriant garden with over 500 different species of trees
  • 200 hectares of parkland designed by King Fernando II as a maze of romantic paths
  • Magical places to discover, such as the High Cross, the Temple of Columns, St Catherine’s Height, the Monk’s Grotto or the Little Birds Fountain
  • The Chalet of the Countess of Edla, a picturesque building built by King Ferdinand for the Countess of Edla as a summer residence
  • The Garden of Camellias, a significant collection of camellias named in homage to every member of the royal family of the time
  • Hop-on hop-off service to get around the park

Why purchase Pena Palace and Park entrance Tickets Online

  • Avoid long lines: Lines to buy tickets can be long, especially during the peak season.

    You can skip the line and head straight to the entrance by purchasing your tickets online.

  • Get a discount: By purchasing Parques de Sintra tickets online, you receive a 5% discount.

  • Choose your time slot: When you purchase your tickets online, you can choose your preferred time slot for visiting the palace.

    This is a great way to avoid the crowds and ensure enough time to explore the palace and park.

  • Convenience: Buying tickets online is convenient as you can do it from anywhere, at any time. 

    Moreover, you can also print your tickets at home or show them on your mobile at the entrance.

Insider Tip : Find the hidden chalet built to impress Ferdinand’s future wife, the Countess of Edla.

Additional information

  • Getting there:
  • Please note that the venue is not reachable by car. Hence, plan your trip using public transportation or walking routes.
  • The time indicated on your ticket is for entry to the Palace, not the Park. The Palace is inside the Park, so you must walk or take a shuttle.
  • The ticket is valid for one entry only.
  • If you arrive at the Palace before your time slot, you can explore the park first and go to the entrance at the scheduled time.
  • If you arrive at the Palace after your time slot, you cannot enter, and your ticket will not be refunded.
  • Transfer services:
    • Paid transfer service from the park entrance to the palace
    • Free hop-on hop-off transfer service between the Palace and the Chalet of the Countess of Edla

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Do I need a ticket to Pena Palace?

You will need a Pena Palace entry ticket to access its inside and terraces.

Although you can explore the palace grounds, you need a ticket.

We encourage booking to get your preferred time slot.

How much is a ticket to Pena Palace?

A Pena Palace entry ticket will cost $17 for visitors six years of age and older.
While infants have free access inside the palace.

You can even get a private or guided tour to explore other attractions along with the palace.

But the prices of these combo tickets vary depending on the number of attractions and facilities provided.

Does the entry ticket have transport options?

Unfortunately, the entry tickets do not have transport options.

However, you can avail yourself of the transport services by paying a small amount.

Do you have to book Pena Palace tickets in advance?

The Pena Palace can only be visited with a ticket; the best way to purchase one is to book it in advance.

As it is a popular attraction in the country, its tickets will likely be sold out for the last time.

Also, booking ensures your chances of getting your preferred time slot.

How to avail of the Pena Palace & Park skip-the-line entrance ticket?

You can help with the Pena Palace entry tickets online.

Skip-the-line entrance tickets are the best way to avoid long lines and save time.

Featured Image: Portugalresident.com

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