Parking at Pena Palace Sintra

Parking at Pena Palace can be really simple if you are well-informed about your alternatives.

If you’re driving to the Pena Palace, you might need to take EN 9 (via the A5/Cascais), IC 19 (from Lisbon), or IC 30 (from Mafra) to get to Sintra.

Another option for car parking at Pena Palace Sintra is to use the route that goes through the A16. 

On public highways, there are several designated spots with paid parking. These city locations are all clearly signposted. 

At Parque da Pena, there are two parking spaces. One is located at the bottom of the park, but getting there involves a 30-minute climb through the gardens. 

The second parking place is near the main gate at the top. As you could expect, though, it is more crowded and convenient if you dislike trekking uphill.

You must pay for the matching authorized  Palace of Pena parking meter ticket to park in these spots.

Visitors may also use the Portela de Sintra parking lot, which is accessible every day of the year. This parking space is near the closest bus or train stop.

The following are the parking areas near Pena Palace you might need to know:

  1. Cavaleira car park, Algueirao
  2. P1 Norte (North) car park
  3. P1 Sul (south) car park
  4. P3: Portela Vasco da Gama car park
  5. P2: Portela urbanismo car park

To get parking near Pena Palace, it can cost €1.50 (VAT included) each day.

The GPS location is 38°48’9.12″ N and 9°22’27.53″ W.

Parking fees at Pena Palace can vary depending on the season and bookings. In general, it starts at  €2.

You can park your car in any one of several additional lots around Sintra to get to Pena Palace.

Disabled Parking at Pena Palace

At Pena Palace, there are two parking areas designated for handicapped individuals.

Wheelchair users can use the palace’s main entrance. 

Some of the park’s pathways are wheelchair accessible if you want to visit. 

Most of the palace’s interior is also accessible by wheelchair.


Can people with disabilities access Pena Palace?

The most famous place in Sintra is, without a doubt, Pena Palace. It also ranks among the wheelchair-friendly cities.

Is it better to visit Sintra during the morning or the afternoon?

It is better to visit Sintra from Lisbon at 9 am or 5 pm when the crowd is less.

Most tourists arrive early in the day to explore Sintra before departing for Lisbon just before sunset. 

The morning trip may be preferable, depending on the day of your stay.

What can one expect from the Pena Palace tour?

Over two million visitors visit Pena Palace in Sintra annually to observe its rich history, art, architecture, and culture.

You can book a private tour to experience a better or more customizable trip.

How long should you stay at the Palacio da Pena? 

The Palace of Pena will require at least 2.5 hours, but it may take much longer.

The staterooms and the palace’s interior require 40 minutes to enjoy thoroughly, while the terraces require an additional 30 minutes.

Can I take a taxi to the Pena Palace?

The shortest way to travel to Pena Palace is by hailing a taxi outside the train station.

While you can see numerous taxis zooming by, most are probably already packed with other tourists, so finding an empty cab or taxi might take some time.

While you travel, cab travel should only take ten minutes and cost 5€ to 10€, and  Uber can cost up to 8€ (the prices are variable and subject to change). 

Instruct the driver to drop you off right in front, near the ticket desk, after you tell him you want to go to the Palacio da Pena or Pena Palace Sintra address.

Can we go to the palace by tuk-tuk?

Yes, you can expect to pay between 10 and 12 euros for the tuk-tuk.

Why is Pena Palace so well-known?

The town was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its historic center’s famed 19th-century Romanticist architecture, historical estates and villas, gardens, and royal palaces and castles.

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