How to Get from Lisbon to Pena Palace in Sintra

Pena Palace is a 19th-century Romanticist castle in Sintra, and Lisbon is Portugal’s capital and largest city.

Visitors often stay in Lisbon and enjoy a visit to Pena Palace as a part of a day trip to Sintra.

This article contains a detailed guide on how to get from Lisbon to Pena Palace, including all the best means of transport along with some tips and tricks.

Where is Pena Palace Located?

Pena Palace Address: Estrada da Pena, 2710-609 Sintra, Portugal

Pena Palace is located in southern Portugal, on top of São Pedro de Penaferrim in Sintra.

It is situated at the top of a hill in the Sintra Mountains, just outside Sintra.

How far is Pena Palace from Lisbon?

Pena Palace is located at a distance of 30 km from Lisbon.

It takes 50 to 60 minutes to travel from one location to another, depending on the means of transport.

With easy public transportation available throughout Sintra, various ways exist to reach Pena Palace from Lisbon.

You can select the best one, depending on your preferences.

How to Get from Lisbon to Pena Palace by Train

The easiest and cheapest way to go from Lisbon to Pena Palace for a day trip is by taking a train to Sintra.

Trains run daily from Lisbon’s Rossio Train Station, leaving every 30 minutes. 
You can take train line 18200 or any other departing from Lisbon to Sintra.

These trains take about 40 minutes to reach Sintra, and a round-trip train ticket costs around €5, making it a perfect budget-friendly option.

Seniors over 65 and children under 12 years of age can avail of reduced prices.

Additionally, various passes and travel cards, including the Lisboa Card and the Viva Viagem card, provide discounts on train travel within the Lisbon area.

The best part of the journey was Sintra Station, located close to Pena Palace, which is the last stop on this train route.

So you won’t have to worry about finding or missing your stop. Just remember to get off when the train stops for the last time!

Once you arrive at Sintra Station, you can either take a taxi or catch a bus 434 to the Pena Palace.

Bus from Sintra Station to Pena Palace

Buses are readily available outside Sintra Station. You can look for Bus 434 to reach the palace.

Don’t worry about missing your bus; these buses depart every 15 minutes from 9.15 am to 7.50 pm in the summer and from 9.30 am to 6.20 pm during other seasons.

The bus trip lasts 20 minutes and costs around €3 to €5.

Pro Tip: If you wish to return in a while, you can take a round bus ticket, which will cost around €8 for the complete route.

Walk from Sintra to Pena Palace

Distance: 2.4km
Time taken:
50 minutes

You can walk from Sintra Station to Pena Palace if you are wearing comfortable shoes and don’t mind walking.

If you decide to walk, it might take you more than an hour, depending on your pace and fitness level.

There are two routes for walking: via R. Guilherme Gomes Fernandes and via R. Murtas.  GET DIRECTIONS.

While walking is an option, the route involves up and downhill walking, and there aren’t many sidewalks or safe places to cross the road.

This makes it a bit risky, especially during busy times when many tourists and cars are around, like during peak tourist season.

So, if you have luggage and you don’t want to tire yourself, walking may not be the best option, and you can choose another way to get there.

How to Get from Lisbon to Pena Palace by Taxi

The fastest way to get from Lisbon to Sintra or Pena Palace is by taking a taxi.

Taxis are readily available in Lisbon, so you won’t have trouble finding one.

However, they can cost around €40 to €50 for a one-way ride and will take around half an hour to cover the distance.

Taking a taxi is fast and comfy, and you can enjoy the ride without any fuss or extra waiting around.

How to Get from Lisbon to Pena Palace by Car

As mentioned earlier, the distance between Lisbon and Sintra is around 30 km. So, if you have a car, you can easily drive to the palace.

Also, there are sufficient parking spaces near Pena Palace.

However, the roads are also steep and winding, so it may not be the best option if you’re not used to driving in mountainous areas.

The drive from Lisbon to Pena Palace will take around 30 to 40 minutes.

Here are the directions for the drive:

1. Take the A1 motorway to the exit for Sintra.

2. Follow the signs for Sintra and Pena Palace.

3. Turn right onto N249 and follow the signs for Pena Palace.

4. Turn right onto Escadinhas de Santa Maria 6 and follow the signs for Pena Palace.5. Turn right onto Rampa do Castelo 12-2 and follow the signs for Pena Palace. GET DIRECTIONS

What is the best way to Get from Lisbon to Pena Palace in Sintra?

If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed about how to get from Lisbon to Pena Palace, we’ve got a fantastic solution for you: take a tour! 

It’s way easier and more convenient.

Visitors to Pena Palace often consider taking these tours, making them a popular option to reach from Lisbon to Sintra. 

A variety of tours are available online, including transport, guides and additional visits to other attractions.

You can choose the best one for yourself, depending on your preferences.

Lisbon to Sintra, Pena Palace Cabo da Roca & Cascais Day trip

With these tickets in hand, you will start a journey in a comfortable, air-conditioned vehicle with your tour guide, who is proficient in French, English, Spanish, or Portuguese.

This tour will go directly to Pena Palace, where you can roam around and learn more about the palace from your guide.

Next, you will go to the center of Sintra and get 1.5 hours of free time to wander independently.

There, you can enjoy Sintra’s local flavors and magnificent gastronomy.

The journey will continue to Cabo da Roca, the westernmost point of continental Europe.

You can amaze yourself there with the impressive ocean views crashing against the high rocky cliffs.

The journey concludes with a short walking tour around the charming Cascais and after this, you will be transported back to Lisbon.

Lisbon to Pena Palace Tour Includes:

Transportation by air-conditioned vehicle
Tour guide

Pena Palace Skip the Line Ticket (if option selected)

Hotel pickup and drop-off (if private tour option is selected)

Lisbon to Pena Palace Tour Costs:

Visitor’s Age Ticket Price
Adult ticket ( 6+ years)€67
Child ticket (5 years and younger)€60

With 7.8k reviews and a 4.7 stellar rating, this tour is one of the most popular among visitors.

FAQs about How to Get from Lisbon to Pena Palace

How do I get to the Pena Palace from Lisbon?

There are various ways to get from Lisbon to Pena Palace- by train, day trip, taxi or car.

Taking a train is the best option if you are on a budget-friendly tour.

However, if you want to reach out conveniently without worrying about switching vehicles, you can consider taking a day trip tour ticket.

How to get to Pena Palace by train from Lisbon?

Trains depart from Lisbon’s Rossio Train Station every 30 minutes.

You can either book tickets online or at the railway ticket counter and enjoy a journey to Sintra Station.

Visitors can take a short taxi or bus ride from Sintra Station to the Pena Palace.

What is the best way to get from Lisbon to Pena Palace in Sintra?

The best way to reach Pena Palace from Lisbon depends on personal preferences and circumstances.

A guided tour can be great for those seeking convenience and a stress-free experience.

These tour tickets include transportation, an entry ticket, a tour guide and an additional visit to nearby attractions, eliminating the need for visitors to worry about logistics.

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