Best View of Pena Palace

The most popular castle in Sintra is El Palacio da Pena (Pena Palace), which is featured in all travel guides to Portugal.

Due to the castle’s elevated position on a hillside and the gardens’ position at the city’s highest point, these red and yellow towers are visible from all over Sintra.

But if you are looking for some of the best views of Pena Palace, you can get them by taking your time exploring Pena Park’s gardens and terraces.

This article gives detailed information about the best viewpoints, which provide beautiful views of Sintra and Pena Palace.

Best Views of Pena Palace from Pena Park

Pena Park is enormous and has numerous paths. A Pena Palace map is important for navigating the area, so be sure to pick one up!

Pena Park has several viewpoints from which you can catch views of the castle.

Temple of Columns

The temple used to provide a great view of the castle when the King and Queen lived there, but the trees are all too tall these days to get a good look.  

St. Catherine’s Heights

Another viewpoint is St. Catherine Heights, which is highly recommended and famous for offering a stunning view of Pena Palace.

The location is great for photography, and this is Queen’s favorite spot.

Cruz Alta Viewpoint

The Cruz Alta viewpoint provides the best view of Pena Palace and is situated at the top of the hill.

It offers an amazing vantage point for taking pictures of the castle and is a famous photo location.

Do not miss St. Catherine’s Heights on the way to La Cruz Alta, though, as it is further away from the castle.

This park area receives the most sunlight, so if you visit Sintra during the winter, you will appreciate the sun’s warmth here!

It can get chilly in the shade of the trees, but it will be lovely and cool in the summer.

Best Views from the Pena Castle

Some of the best places in Pena Places to capture the beautiful views of the surroundings and city are as follows: 

Pena Palace Terraces 

The terraces offer distinctive vantage points from which to appreciate the palace’s architecture and design while taking in expansive views of the nearby coastline and countryside.

As soon as you enter the Palacio da Pena gate, proceed to walk up the hill to the castle.

There are some fantastic photo opportunities if you arrive early enough before the palace gets crowded.

The brightly colored walls, beautiful Arabic archways, intricate carvings, and tile patterns make for quite a spectacle.

Walk the archway guarded by Triton and gaze at the view of Sintra to the sea and beyond. 

You can climb up to the red clock tower to get some shots of the steps leading up to the chapel with the clock tower behind it.

Similarly, you can descend the steps from the chapel back down to the yellow section of the castle. 

Pena Palace Castle Walls

You can also stroll around the castle walls from this courtyard to get views of the Moorish Castle.

Proceeding further will bring you back to the main courtyard near the castle’s entrance. 

Once you are done with the views of the castle, you can go downstairs to explore Pena Park and the gardens around the palace.

Read our article on Things to Do Near Pena Palace to learn more about Sintra’s undefinable beauty.

FAQ on Best View of Pena Palace

Where can I get the best view of Pena Palace Sintra?

Cruz Alta viewpoint, at the top of the hill, offers the best view of Pena Palace.

St. Catherine’s Heights is another suggested viewpoint; it provides an amazing view of Pena Palace.

Pena Palace’s terraces, which provide breathtaking views of the castle and the surrounding landscape and coast, are a great place to relax.

Do I have to hike to get the best Pena Palace views?

It is not necessary to hike to reach the best views of Pena Palace. 

Other routes, such as the Shuttle Bus and Walking Route, lead to vantage points offering breathtaking palace views.

Secondary viewpoints like Alto do Cha and a rocky outcrop 400m west of Cruz Alta provide unique angles to admire the beauty of the palace and its surroundings.

When is the best time of day to see Pena Palace?

When Pena Palace first opens at 9.30 am or later in the afternoon after 4 pm, these are the ideal times to visit for the best views.

At these times, you will see fewer crowds, which helps you explore peacefully and take pictures from the best viewpoints.

Are there any guided tours that specifically focus on the best views of Pena Palace?

Explore guided tours that emphasize the best viewpoints, providing insightful information about the history and significance of the scenery.

Are these viewpoints accessible year-round, or are there seasonal restrictions?

With the exception of December 25 and January 1, Pena Palace is open year-round, making it possible to access the viewpoints with the best views of the building.

However, the best time to visit these viewpoints may differ depending on the season and your personal preferences. 

Are there any fees or tickets associated with accessing the best-view locations?

The best vantage points of Pena Palace can be reached without any special tickets or fees.

You can purchase palace and park tickets to access the parks and terraces.

For more information, you can check the ticket section.

Can I bring a camera or drone to capture the breathtaking views of Pena Palace?

Sure, feel free to bring a camera to record the stunning views of Pena Palace throughout your visit. 

However, drones are not permitted to fly over or near Pena Palace due to security and privacy concerns.

Before taking the pictures, get to know all the detailed photography guidelines in the palace during your visit.

What makes the views from certain locations particularly special or unique?

Pena Palace’s breathtaking architecture, bright colors and surrounding natural beauty make certain viewpoints special or unique. 

How can I get to the viewpoint with the best view of Pena Palace?

You can hike up a steep trail or take the shuttle bus from the palace’s main entrance to reach the Cruz Alta viewpoint. The hike takes around 45 minutes. 

Take the trail leading to the Cruz Alta viewpoint and continue to reach St. Catherine’s Heights. It takes approximately 15 minutes to hike to St. Catherine’s Heights.

You can enjoy a more laid-back experience by visiting Pena Palace’s terraces, which provide breathtaking views of the castle and the surrounding coast and countryside.

Featured Image: Yasonya (Canva)

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